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Individual insulation for trade and industry

Shape-fitting and custom-fit insulation systems.

Innovation and efficiency are decisive factors in the production of our flexible insulation systems for a wide range of industries. Among other things, we offer fireproof insulation, cold/heat insulation and sound insulation for:

  • Turbines
  • heat exchangers
  • silencers
  • fittings
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Filling arms / loading arms
  • pumps
  • Mills

The advantages of our flexible insulation systems

⇒ Optimum energy efficiency

Tailor-made insulation reduces energy loss to a minimum, significantly increasing energy efficiency.

⇒ Cost savings

At the same time, operating costs are reduced as less energy is needed to reach and maintain the required temperatures.

⇒ Longer service life of the systems

The equipment is protected from extreme temperatures and other environmental influences. This reduces maintenance costs and increases the service life.

⇒ Noise reduction

An additional benefit of our insulation systems is the noise reduction, which results in more pleasant working conditions.

Some areas of application of flexible insulation systems

Our versatile and adaptable insulations are suitable for:

  • Turbines
    From small industrial turbines to large power plants, we offer customized insulation concepts.
  • Industrial plants
    Individual solutions minimize energy losses, increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Automotive industry
    We develop insulation in close cooperation with suppliers to the automotive industry.
  • Civil aviation
    Our company's systems combine highly efficient thermal insulation with lightweight construction.
  • Shipping
    We develop products for large, small and complex equipment and engines for boat, yacht and shipbuilding.
  • Mill construction
    The insulation systems for mill construction guarantee reproducible grinding results.
  • Plastics industry
    Our textile insulation systems make it easier to maintain specific process temperatures.
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