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Soundproofing for trade / industry with high-quality materials

Industry and customer-specific insulation for a pleasant working environment.

Sound insulation is an integral part of the commercial and industrial sector. Our innovative sound insulation for trade and industry, which is in demand from customers throughout Europe, reliably reduces noise and thus plays a key role in improving the quality of life and work.

These are the tasks that soundproofing has to fulfill

⇒ Noise insulation

Sound insulation helps to reduce the transmission of airborne and structure-borne noise. Airborne sound is generated by noise, while structure-borne sound is generated by direct contact with objects, such as walking on floors.

⇒ High-performance materials

The choice of insulation materials is crucial for the effectiveness of sound insulation in the commercial or industrial sector. Commonly used materials are mineral wool, foams, plasterboard and acoustic panels.

⇒ Proven techniques

Simple insulation measures are just as possible as complex acoustic constructions. We develop a tailor-made concept for every requirement.

⇒ Health and well-being

Comprehensive sound insulation reduces stress levels and improves concentration. This can also increase productivity in the company.

⇒ Legal regulations and standards

All insulation from SIM-TEX GmbH complies with the legal regulations and standards for sound insulation, ensuring optimum protection against noise pollution.

Please also contact us for fire protection insulation as well as heat and cold insulation.

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