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Heat and cold insulation for trade / industry with SIM-TEX glass fabric

Lasting efficiency and comfort.

In times when energy efficiency and environmental protection are more important than ever, the heat and cold insulation of buildings and industrial facilities is of crucial importance. In the production of insulation systems, our company relies on extremely resilient and durable glass fabrics, which we continuously develop further to meet the high demands of our customers from a wide range of industries.

Special features of the glass fabric insulation from SIM-TEX

⇒ Extremely resilient materials

Our glass fabrics are specially designed for long-term use. They are highly resistant to mechanical and thermal loads in industrial applications.

⇒ Energy efficiency

The exchange of heat and cold between the interior and its surroundings is reduced. As a result, energy losses and energy costs are significantly reduced.

⇒ Increased comfort

Insulation is crucial for a more uniform and pleasant indoor climate in the working environment.

⇒ Environmental friendliness

By reducing energy consumption, insulation systems contribute to environmental protection. Lower energy consumption goes hand in hand with reduced CO₂ emissions.

Areas of application of heat and cold insulation

  • Our innovative glass fabric insulation systems are the right choice for industrial facilities and commercial buildings that require a high level of resilience and durability.
  • Due to their robustness, SIM-TEX glass fabric insulation systems are particularly suitable for high-performance applications where conventional insulation materials are not an option.
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